How it works?

How it works?

Simply fill out the form with as much detail as possible. We will review your request and create a custom video discussing UX advice on usability, clear communication, and strategy. Yes, it's free!
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The video consultation we provide is part of our web series. These are used to build a community and accessible VLOGs for any startup or business. Private consultations are available, see below.
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Why is UX so important?

Good UX (user experience) can make or break a website for any business. I have seen an endless list of poorly planned UX coupled with confusing usability. A weak foundation in UX-U will cause a decrease in revenue and eventually lead to potential or current customers from offering their business. I am offering my expertise and brief consultation for free, to assist your business in achieving the first steps to a succesful and usable website.
Need private consulting?
  • We understand the need for privacy and more in-depth consultation. We have worked with artists, UI designers and product managers/owners in a variety of fields. The introductory session is free and the hourly fee after is $500/hr. Our consultations will cover analytic strategy, product vision development, usability, UX/UI development, and implementation. If you would like a private consultation to better improve your site or software, please contact us.
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